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Love Pot arrives at Tasty Bingo

The love pot has arrived at Tasty Bingo and this one brings you the chance to win a whopping £15,000 jackpot prize on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s.

Tasty Bingo are the next host site in line for the big money joy pot games which play out across Wink, Posh, Red Bus, Bingo Street and Tasty each year and as this game falls on Valentine’s Day 14th Feb, it has been re-named the (love pot) as a one off.

The great thing about these joy pot games is not only do they come loaded with huge guaranteed prize pots, but you are brought the chance to grab free cards for the games, which means you could effectively win them for free! Now wouldn’t that be something.

You can play at any of the above sites listed to accumulate joy pot points and each time you clock up 500 of these it will equal 1 free game card for you. Please note: if you are playing at one or more of these sites, you must ensure you use the same email address so those points can  be bundled together.

Check out the game details.

£15,000 Love pot plays – 14th Feb at 10pm

One Line – £2,000

Two Lines – £3,000

Full House – £10,000

Those all important points can be picked up as follows

Each time you have a win on the special (pot of gold pattern) you will pick up – 5 points

Every £10 wagered on bingo games gives you – 2 points

Every £50 wagered on instant games gets you – 1 point

Every win on the number (12) also gets you – 1 point

To pick up 20 points instantly, simply send them an email telling Tasty Bingo what the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you.

Cheeky Bingo Game of the Week

If you have been missing the game of the week offer at Cheeky Bingo, we can tell you that this fab promo will be gracing your screens once more from January 16th!

The game of the week deal at Cheeky Bingo brings you the chance to win free cards for their guaranteed £5,000 monthly monster, so no wonder it is so popular with their members.

We can inform you that the game of the week will return on 16th Jan with Cleopatra and this one will run through until 22nd Jan. Every 10 spins you take on Cleopatra during this time will give you one free monthly monster card, which means you could effectively win this super jackpot for nothing!

There is plenty more to look forward to on Cheeky Bingo this month as well. Today 4th Jan their daily prize bingo games begin where you are being brought the chance to win some fab prizes each day – special deposit bonuses and cash will be up for grabs.

The cheeky January sales will start on 10th Jan and this offer will run through until 15th. During this time you can expect to purchase some bargain basement tickets and we are talking just 1p / 2p and play for some super guaranteed prize pots of up to £100.

In fact their is £3,000 waiting to be won in total on these January sale games and you can be in with the chance of winning a slice of all that cash from just pence. There is not much you can do with pennies anymore, but if you have got a few of them floating around in your cheeky balance, you could spend them in their January bingo sale.

Cheeky Bingo still remain one of the best free play / real play sites on the net today and you can try before you buy here. Just sign up toady and head to their free play section, no deposit required.

Big New Years Eve Foxy Bingo Jackpot

The team at Foxy Bingo wanted to end the year 2011 off on a big bingo high and they will be doing this by laying on a massive guaranteed New Years Eve £31,000 game.

There are 31 days in December, which is a grand a day in Foxys books and that is how they come up with the £31k jackpot prize, and it must be won on the night – have you got your tickets yet?

New Years Eve 2011 is now just a day away, but don’t worry if you have not purchased your tickets for this game, as you can log onto Foxy Bingo now and buy them today thanks to the pre-buy option that is available to use.

This means that even if you are going to be partying the night away tomorrow, you do not have to miss out on taking part in what has got to be one of the biggest and best guaranteed jackpot games of the year.

Once you have bought your cards they will play out for you whether you are logged onto Foxy at the time of the game or not. You can check just how this game panned out next time you log on by simply going to your (game history) and you never know you may get a bit surprise yourself – because that is the beauty of pre-buy online bingo.

The £31k New Years Eve game will take place on the traditional 90 ball format, which means straight off you get three chances to win – but on this game cash prizes will also be paid out to everyone who gets that usually dreaded 1tg and even 2tg! Check out the pay details.

One Line – £3,500
Two Lines – £7,500
Full House – £15,500

If you are waiting for 1tg when the full house is won you will share £3,000 cash and if you are on 2tg you will win a share of £1,500 cash. So you can win, without actually winning the game, which is fab.

Good Luck everyone – Happy New Year!

New Years Eve Party on 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo will be holding a yuletide rock New Years Eve party and it will be taking place between 31st December and 2nd January 2012 – so it won’t just last for one night either!

On New Year’s Eve itself 888 Ladies Bingo have lined up all sorts of fun party games and they are set to give away some fab prizes and loads of LPs (loyalty points). So if you are going to be staying in on NYE, they might be the site to be at; and you will still be able to party, but from the comfort of your own home.

Their online party will take place between 8pm and midnight, to join the fun you simply need to log on!

Their tourney themed events though will run throughout these 3 days (31st Dec to 2nd Jan) and you can expect to participate in the following.

Happy hours – These will take place each night between 6pm and 8pm in all hosted chat rooms. During this time double LPs will awarded on all chat games.

Bring the house down – The 888 Ladies Bingo players who wager the most during this event on 90 ball bingo will each win a cash prize of £20.12 each (to see in the new year 2012) no doubt.

Blow the roof off – The players who win bingo the most on the special (house) pattern in their 75 ball rooms will also win £20.12 each.

Instant High – This one will be for all you instant game lovers. The players who wager the most on any instant game will also pick up £20.12 cash each.

Right on time – Up for grabs on these on is two digital / fm radios and they will go to the player who wins bingo the most on the music pattern and the player who wagers the most on their X Factor instant games. These digital radios are all the rage at the moment and they allow you to tune into some great dedicated radio stations, where the sound is crystal clear.

Love rock & roll – There are loads of bonus funds and LPs up for grabs in this promo, full details of which can be found by logging onto 888 Ladies Bingo.

Risk Free Bingo at Wink

It is not long now until Christmas and when those risk free games will come out to play across joy of bingo sites and these will include Red Bus, Bingo Street, Posh, Tasty and of course Wink Bingo.

Risk free bingo brings you exactly what it says on the tin, and that is the chance to win real cash prizes with no risk to your own cash. Up for grabs in this risk free offer from the joy of bingo group is £1,500 worth of jackpot prizes and they must be won.

In total five risk free games will take place, each at one of the above sites. They will kick off on boxing day and play one game per day, per site and this is how it will all pan out.

Now you do need to purchase bingo tickets for these games, but these will cost just pennies and the beauty is if you do not win you can get all your stakes placed back, depending on how many of the risk free games you take part in.

Bingo Street – Boxing Day Monday 26th – 1p cards – jackpot £100

Tasty Bingo – Tuesday 27th – 2p cards – jackpot £200

Red Bus Bingo – Wednesday 28th – 3p cards – jackpot £300

Posh Bingo – Thursday 29th – 4p cards – jackpot £400

Wink Bingo – Friday 30th – 5p cards – Jackpot £500

Play all 5 and don;t win and you will get all your money back – And if win you are going to be quids in anyway, so you just cannot lose. This is a great bingo offer from joy of bingo and is sure to brighten up the Christmas festivities for some.

Let’s not forget either that on Christmas day a £5,000 secret Santa game will be coming out to play at Wink Bingo and on New Years day they have a brand new 1.6 mini cooper car up for grabs. There promos, just go on and on and on.