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Police Oppose Cambridge Bingo Scheme

A former land based bingo club situated in Cambridge have had plans that proposed to turn it into a burlesque rejected by the local police.

The company who own the disused bingo hall (No Saints) are based in Milton Keynes and they argued that the old bingo venue at 42 Hobson Street in the city, “would be fantastic for Cambridge”……….however it seems the local bobby on the beat did not agree.

No Saints had applied to the Cambridge City Council for a licence to be able to sell alcohol, put on different plays, live music entertainment and dance performances. But, as we now know this was rejected.

It seems that the views of the local Police were given careful consideration by the Cambridge City Council, as their concerns in this instance were upheld. It is thought that Cambridgeshire Police expressed concern about the impact of the club which it said would produce “adverse consequences for crime and disorder”.

You could say that just like Woolworths, many building previously owned are by them (and bingo operators) are either now disused or being turned into something else. We have seen a steady decline in land based bingo clubs over the past five years and although some do believe that they will be making a comeback during 2011, we find this very doubtful.

Land based bingo clubs have been hit hard in recent years and a number of different circumstances have been blamed for their demise. The way the public are playing the game, double taxation laws and the smoking ban have all be thought to have an impact on bingo clubs, which is why we have seen many of them close their doors for the very last time.

It used to be that you would find a bingo club to frequent (even more than one) on every high street, but that is definitely the case anymore. There does seem to have been a shift in the way people are playing bingo and this is largely down to the boom of online bingo.

Rewind five years and there were not that many households that have internet access in their homes, but now most households have internet. This opened up a whole new bingo playing field for the public as the game of online bingo offers nearly everything a land based bingo hall does to the player, but from the comfort of their own home.

Nordic Gaming Moves into the Online Bingo Market

Like many casino / gaming sites before them Nordic Gaming have decided to delve into the world of Online Bingo and they have gone with (Playtech) the name behind Virtue Fusion bingo software.

According to a press release Nordic will be Playtech’s second largest Scandinavian bingo licensee, although this will not be the first time that Nordic Gaming have used the virtue fusion software product, as they already fun successful casino, sportsbook and poker sites on it, so online bingo is just the latest online gaming product to be added.

Virtue Fusion are one of the biggest names within the online bingo industry as they already boast clients such as Mecca Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo, Crown Bingo, Virgin Bingo and Bet365 Bingo to name just a few.

The great thing about a bingo operator using virtue fusion based software is that they can either got for the networked version or standalone platform (or even a mixture of both). Mecca Bingo run on the standalone platform of virtue fusion, but still link up with other virtue sites to bring their member the daily bingo linx games to play. But Bet365 Bingo for instance has both networked bingo rooms and standalone bingo rooms at their site (a mixture of both).

Globalcom bingo software is currently the biggest rival to virtue fusion, but in the unlike virtue, operators who choose this platform either have to go with the standalone or networked version, and they cannot have a mixture of both.

It does have to be said that the UK online bingo market place is in our opinion currently overrun with online bingo sites running on both globalcom bingo software and virtue fusion bingo software………so if would be really nice to see some new (online bingo software blood) put in an appearance for a change and not the same thing, time and time again.

Speaking about the deal Playtech’s Chief Executive, Mor Weizer, said: ‘It gives us great pleasure to announce this agreement with Nordic Gaming, an operator with impressive B2C marketing capabilities and a strong local profile. The deal expands Playtech’s increasing portfolio of significant operators across Europe and to what is already a strong presence in the Scandinavian region.’

Tombola Bingo Look for New Emmerdale Bumper Stars

Tombola Bingo online are the current sponsors of Emmerdale, the very popular soap which is currently aired at 7pm every weeknight. As sponsors of Emmerdale viewers see Tombola Bingo bumper adverts at the start and of every commercial break.

Tombola Bingo have always used real life bingo players from their online bingo site to star in their Emmerdale bumper ads and as they will be filming new adverts for this TV soap in the not so distant future, Tombola once again are looking for players to star in their next lot of bumper ads.

So if you are a Tombola Bingo player and fancy a taste of the TV Limelight) here is how can enter the Tombola Bingo Emmerdale TV Bumper ad competition…………and as it is free to enter, we are sure that Tombola are going to get a lot of interest from their members.

The TV ad competition will be kicking off at Tombola Bingo in February and to enter it you simply need to be a Tombola Bingo player and complete an application form and upload a photo of yourself.

Tombola Bingo are looking for around 100 of their bingo players to attend the casting day which is set to take place in London on 26th February. Out of the 100, Tombola Bingo will shortlist just 25 finalists and they will all get their own spot on the Emmerdale TV bumper ads.

This is a great opportunity for Tombola Bingo players who have always wanted to star on TV, but never thought that they would get the chance. There are no acting skills needed at all, as the casting day is all about Tombola Bingo meeting their players and having a bit of fun.

Filming for the new Emmerdale Tombola Bingo TV Bumpers is due to take place between Sunday 27th and Thursday 31st March, so if you are thinking about entering this comp please make sure that you are available between these dates (or it would pretty much be a waste of time).

If you are not already a Tombola Bingo member and would like to enter their comp, just sign up with them now.

Richard E Grant Backs Bingo

Richard E Grant is one of the latest celebrities to show their support for the game of bingo. It was reported by the Daily Mirror that Richard E Grant enjoyed a game of bingo with (great cook) Nigella Lawson over the festive period and the two have now apparently been joined in their (back bingo) campaign by none other than the great Eddie Izzard.

According to the Mirror, a land based bingo club situated in (Alhambra, Penrith) is under threat of closure due to the bingo club not turning a profit anymore. The bingo club is due to be closed on 3rd March 2011, but a petition has already been started by local residents to save it.

To date the petition to save the Penrith bingo club has receive over 3,000 signatures, however with a new development scheme for the bingo site already on the cards……….10,000 signatures could be on the petition, but its doubtful whether they will make any difference at all.

Speaking about the looming bingo hall closure Richard E Grant said, “I hope the petition has a positive response, especially as this historic century-old cinema has been such a success, condemned to close due to the failure of the bingo hall,”

Land based bingo clubs really have had a fight on their hands over the past few years, what with the absurd double taxation law, the smoking ban and online bingo. All three of these aspects have played a part in the demise of land based bingo clubs throughout the UK, but we are pleased to say that bingo operators are fighting back.

Recently we have seen the introduction of (super bingo halls) which provided the local community with all round entertainment (and not just bingo). The Mecca Super Bingo Club situated in Beeston is proving to be a rip roaring bingo success and a place which not only offers local residents with a great value for money night out, but a place where they can relax and enjoy some fab shows.

Land based bingo clubs really can be a lifeline to our elderly and we should all do what we can to help save them (they are our heritage after all).

Gala Bingo in for a Penny

The very humble penny has made a comeback at Gala Bingo this month and it will be all about bringing their members the chance to win big for those penny stakes.

What is it they say……..see and penny pick it up and all that day you will have good luck, pass it on to a friend and your luck will never end………well those pennies really could be good luck for you this month at Gala Bingo online with their fun Penny Bazaar.

The penny bazaar games will be taking place at Gala Bingo every single day throughout January 2011, and this leading online bingo site will offer every person the chance to grab up to 60 1p tickets as part of its special January Penny Bazaar.

You can expect to be in with the chance of winning big jackpots and fantastic prizes in the penny bazaar at Gala Bingo so it’s definitely something to get excited about, and with over 500,000 monthly winners at their online bingo site, it’s also potentially a better way to invest your pennies than these costly alternatives:

Here are some facts about pennies provided by Gala Bingo. “In 2010 the average UK house price was £165,505 which would mean finding 16,550,500 pennies down the back of the sofa and a few more thousand to cover the stamp duty. Or, if you fancied splashing out on a meal in London during January, a dinner for two at a swanky celebrity restaurant could set you back 8000 pennies per person. While a quick drink beforehand will require a wheelbarrow to carry the 300 pennies required for just one pint! Yet for just 1p a ticket gala bingo is offering bingo enthusiasts the chance for some New Year jackpot joy! “

Lesley Whyte, consumer PR manager for Gala said: “We love giving away prizes at gala bingo and are thrilled to start the year off with a Penny Bazaar bonanza! We know that money can often be tight post Christmas so we thought we’d have our very own January sale.”

She added: “As we know it’s going to be popular and to try and ensure that as many of our players get to take advantage of these crazy ticket prices, we’ve decided to limit the number of tickets to 60 per person per game. We’re just looking forward to being able to help the winners’ start 2011 with a bang.  Good luck everyone!”