Sun Bingo

Play Bingo – Play Slots – Just Chat – just about whatever you like and want to play will be found at the great Sun Bingo. Try ‘Session Bingo’ (it offers so much), or possibly Bargain Bingo Games, Bingo 90, BOGOF Bingo, that wonderful ‘Free Bingo Tuesdays’ regular offer and so much more.

Don’t forget players that Sun Bingo was voted “Site of the Year for 2010” – so you can be assured that what it offers is top quality product!

Enjoy the lucrative ‘Refer a Friend’ offer, 100% Welcome Bonuses, the great Chat Games and wonderful company that you will always regularly find online at Sun Bingo!

You see players, Sun Bingo is now here with even more ways to win that ever before in the past – there’s never been a better time than now to participate at Sun Bingo!

A little shy maybe, not too sure about participating in Chat? Well, if you don’t know the lingo don’t be at all concerned because at Sun Bingo they have an excellent “Chat Lingo” guide for players ease and pleasure. Also, you’re bound to find the Chat Hosts (Phil, Chris, Kenwyn, Craig, Peter, Carl, Sophie, Jim and Lee all great, always, ready to help and guide. No need to feel awkward or uneasy with this helpful guys!

Remember everyone had to start somewhere, sometime. And there’s no better time than now to start picking up on some of those Chat expressions players! Say WB (Welcome Back to someone), or WTG (Way To Go), BRB (Be Right Back – but never forget to say PLZ (please also) players! No doubt sooner or later you’ll want to express an opinion, about something so maybe start off by saying IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)!

That great ‘100% Welcome Bonus’ is always there at Sun Bingo waiting for new players to benefit from – its consistent, it never changes and it could be yours as a newbie!

The best, and newest, way to experience your bingo favourites is to do so all in one package – all in one session! And with “Session Bingo” at Sun Bingo its entirely possible. ‘Session Bingo’ is the absolutely perfect mix of 90, 80 and 75 Ball Bingo games contained within one exciting hour – you get more bingo for less with Session!

Its probably best to think of Session Bingo as the Cocktail of All Bingos! It truly is a perfect mix of Bingo 90, topped by some Bingo 80 and stirred quickly with a drop or two of Bingo 75! All to be consumed within one exciting, entertaining hour of bingo at Sun!

Choose from 3 Sessions – or play ALL 3. There’s Morning (10am to 11am), Afternoon (3pm to 4pm) and also Evening (7pm to 8pm)!

If you decide to participate in all 3 Sessions you will make a massive Bingo saving of £21 in just one day too!