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Jetsetter Games on Gala Bingo

Tijuana, Johannesburg, Manila, Paris, Jet Setter, Seattle Spotlight Rio De Janeiro, all names of fabulous games at Gala Bingo players.

Some of them Windicate Games, others not! Look for those great multi-hundred £ jackpots at Gala Bingo and play from 1am right through to 5 minutes to Midnight!

Gala Bingo’s games range from 5p Linked Games, to 15p Rolla Ball Games, Linked Jackpots, to 10p £500 games, 10p £2k Linked Jackpot Games, 10p £500 Prize Promise games and so on and so on!

So if you want variety, quality and quantity – make sure you tune in regularly to Gala Bingo!

Happy Birthday to Them – Happy Birthday to Them (Gala Bingo that is). Yes, Gala Bingo is now 5 years old and part of the birthday celebrations is the “Happy 5th Birthday” games – you bet 5p and get to win £555.55 – each Saturday during February – so you’ve got two more changes to win players. Don’t miss either!

The “Meteor” has now landed – you can actually scoop for yourself an astronomical 1,000 times your card price today – maybe tomorrow and the next day as well! Play now, play ‘Meteor Money’!

BUT WHAT IS ‘Meteor Money’ actually? It’s the new brilliant Gala Bingo scratchcard game – where players really can scoop 1,000 times their card price. Now the card price varies quite a lot (from 10p all the way up to £50) so the amount you may end up collecting varies a lot as well!

You might collect £100 – you might collect £50,000! The good news is that you can play anytime, just plug into Gala Bingo and click through to the Games Tab. If you just happen to be in the Bingo Club, go to the scratchcard tab in the Games menu!

Gala Bingo set for February

Gala Bingo has put on a great set of promotions for the opening month and if you click onto their ‘Promotions’ page at the moment you will see the site and its customers are already set for another generous month. Below are some of the most noteworthy Feb promotions that are displayed  at the moment.

February 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th you can Gala will be slashing ticket prices and you will be able to play free bingo or trade your prizes in for larger ones throughout the whole of them days.

February  8th, 15th and 26th you can take your chances in the free bingo bonus draws where you could win free bingo for the entire month! Plus there will also be the National draws where you could be in with a chance of winning, 5k holiday vouchers, 5k cash or a brand new Peugeot 107!

Could it be your lucky valentine’s  day with Gala Bingo this year? Even if you only have a fiver to play with you can still play on the special games set fir this day which include huge cash prizes for the lucky winners. You will also have the chance to win a trip for two to Paris.

Later on in the month you can still find some very generous  prizes for example on the 22nd of the month Gala are halving their ticket prices for you so you can get double the amount of bingo fir your money. The best bit about this promotion is that the jackpot prizes will remain the same size!

Finally on Sunday the 26th if the month you can join a huge link game absolutely free and be in with a chance of winning a whopping £6k.

Gala Bingo in for a Penny

The very humble penny has made a comeback at Gala Bingo this month and it will be all about bringing their members the chance to win big for those penny stakes.

What is it they say……..see and penny pick it up and all that day you will have good luck, pass it on to a friend and your luck will never end………well those pennies really could be good luck for you this month at Gala Bingo online with their fun Penny Bazaar.

The penny bazaar games will be taking place at Gala Bingo every single day throughout January 2011, and this leading online bingo site will offer every person the chance to grab up to 60 1p tickets as part of its special January Penny Bazaar.

You can expect to be in with the chance of winning big jackpots and fantastic prizes in the penny bazaar at Gala Bingo so it’s definitely something to get excited about, and with over 500,000 monthly winners at their online bingo site, it’s also potentially a better way to invest your pennies than these costly alternatives:

Here are some facts about pennies provided by Gala Bingo. “In 2010 the average UK house price was £165,505 which would mean finding 16,550,500 pennies down the back of the sofa and a few more thousand to cover the stamp duty. Or, if you fancied splashing out on a meal in London during January, a dinner for two at a swanky celebrity restaurant could set you back 8000 pennies per person. While a quick drink beforehand will require a wheelbarrow to carry the 300 pennies required for just one pint! Yet for just 1p a ticket gala bingo is offering bingo enthusiasts the chance for some New Year jackpot joy! “

Lesley Whyte, consumer PR manager for Gala said: “We love giving away prizes at gala bingo and are thrilled to start the year off with a Penny Bazaar bonanza! We know that money can often be tight post Christmas so we thought we’d have our very own January sale.”

She added: “As we know it’s going to be popular and to try and ensure that as many of our players get to take advantage of these crazy ticket prices, we’ve decided to limit the number of tickets to 60 per person per game. We’re just looking forward to being able to help the winners’ start 2011 with a bang.  Good luck everyone!”

Gala Bingo Employees do the Full Monty

Gale Bingo employees from the Belle Vue bingo club situated in Manchester bared all last Saturday night, all in aid of help raise cash for little girl called Ruby Tanswell.

18 Month old Ruby was diagnosed with a rare tissue cancer back in 2010 and has since undergone three operations and is currently receiving chemotherapy. When Ruby fist became unwell and was taken to her GP, she was turned away as they thought she just had a cold, sadly though this was not the case.

Gala Bingo employee Frankie McMahon first heard about Ruby’s plight in his local newspaper and he come up with the idea of doing to (full monty) to help raise cash at the Gala Bingo club for the little girl.

Ruby is in need of specialist treatment and ever little raised for her really helps. The charity fundraising event put on by Gala Bingo and which involved five of their employees striping off raised a total of £1,337 on the night, with lots of their customer digging deep in support of the event.

Gala Bingo said that they had a packed house ( double is usual Saturday night crowd) so lots of their members obviously also turned out to see the boys get their kits off, whilst at the same time helping to raise much needed cash for little Ruby.

Mike Bracken, Gala Bingo Belle Vue manager said: “I am so proud of what my team has achieved. We were all very moved having read about Ruby’s story and felt we needed to help out – even if that did mean recreating the Full Monty! I think the ladies at Gala Bingo Belle Vue were certainly delighted by our charity efforts!”

Ruby’s family also came along as guests of the club. Caron Wright, grandmother of Ruby said: “I cannot thank Gala Bingo Belle Vue enough. We are so incredibly grateful for the generosity and support shown for Ruby, and think the Gala Bingo boys were exceedingly brave!”

If you would like to add your own donation to Ruby’s Plight you can still do so either by paying a visit to the Gala Belle Vue Manchester in person or by giving them a call on 0161 2237770.