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Big Brother Bingo Arrives

If you are a fan of Big Brother and love bingo you really are going to dig this brand new site called Big Brother Bingo which will be going live on the net very soon.

Big Brother Bingo are now ready and waiting in the wings to bring you another top notch site from the joy of bingo group, the people behind one of the current most popular UK sites – Wink Bingo.

You will not have long to wait now to test out the Big Brother Bingo wares as they are due to join the online scene sometime next week, so keep a look out for them being fully functional.

Like all their sister sites, Big Brother Bingo will launch on globalcom bingo software and they will also be on a standalone footing, so not networked  by any shape or means – well we have enough globalcom networked sites already and another one really would not be a good thing for anyone – the industry, you or us.

Big Brother Bingo will be kicking things off by handing out a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit made and this offer will be valid on any amount between £5 and £100. They will also go on to dish out a 50% bonus on all subsequent deposits thereafter.

BBB like their namesake also aim to keep you full up to date with all the latest Big Brother action and the current celebrity BB has defiantly got tongues wagging. The will also have exclusive BB prizes up for grabs like VIP tickets to a Big Brother eviction night, which will include backstage passes – and this is sure to  give you some behind the scenes tip bits.

You will find traditional 90 ball, 75 ball and 5 line multi bingo to play and we are sure they will also launch with some super treat promotions as well. BBB is set to suit all playing tastes as they will be running free bingo games and their ticket prices will start from just 1p. They have lined up some super guaranteed jackpots as well, but as to exactly what these will entail, we will just have to wait and see.

Risk Free Bingo at Wink

It is not long now until Christmas and when those risk free games will come out to play across joy of bingo sites and these will include Red Bus, Bingo Street, Posh, Tasty and of course Wink Bingo.

Risk free bingo brings you exactly what it says on the tin, and that is the chance to win real cash prizes with no risk to your own cash. Up for grabs in this risk free offer from the joy of bingo group is £1,500 worth of jackpot prizes and they must be won.

In total five risk free games will take place, each at one of the above sites. They will kick off on boxing day and play one game per day, per site and this is how it will all pan out.

Now you do need to purchase bingo tickets for these games, but these will cost just pennies and the beauty is if you do not win you can get all your stakes placed back, depending on how many of the risk free games you take part in.

Bingo Street – Boxing Day Monday 26th – 1p cards – jackpot £100

Tasty Bingo – Tuesday 27th – 2p cards – jackpot £200

Red Bus Bingo – Wednesday 28th – 3p cards – jackpot £300

Posh Bingo – Thursday 29th – 4p cards – jackpot £400

Wink Bingo – Friday 30th – 5p cards – Jackpot £500

Play all 5 and don;t win and you will get all your money back – And if win you are going to be quids in anyway, so you just cannot lose. This is a great bingo offer from joy of bingo and is sure to brighten up the Christmas festivities for some.

Let’s not forget either that on Christmas day a £5,000 secret Santa game will be coming out to play at Wink Bingo and on New Years day they have a brand new 1.6 mini cooper car up for grabs. There promos, just go on and on and on.

Wink Bingo have Wonder Wings

Now we have heard of bingo wings before, but wonder wings is a new one on us! Well Wink Bingo do have wonder wings, but not in the sense you may be thinking as this is an instant win game at their site.

The top three wagerers on the wonder wings game at Wink Bingo this weekend will win £25 cash each, so if you have not tried this instant out before now might be the time to do just that.

On Christmas day a secret Santa game will be coming out to play on Wink Bingo, but this game is not so secret after all as we can reveal there will be £5,000 worth of cash prizes up for grabs, plus the breakdown of how it will pay out on the night.

One Line – £1,500

Two Lines – £1,500

Full House – £1,500

Plus you can even win some cash from getting that dreaded 1tg or 2tg. All players who are waiting on one number will share £250 and all players waiting on two numbers will also share £250. So you can win, without actually winning!

If you are going to be playing at wink over the next few days, here are all the bonus codes you need to grabs those additional bonuses on deposits made and these are all about the word (thanks) to coincide with American thanksgiving we would imagine.

Thur 24th Nov – 1 x 90% bonus on deposit of £10 or 1 x 95% bonus on deposit of £20 – £100 – Code (THANKS1)

Fri 25th Nov – 1 x 90% bonus on deposit of £10 or 1 x 95% bonus on deposit of £20 – £100 – Code (THANKS2)

Sat 26th Nov – 1 x 90% bonus on deposit of £10 or 1 x 95% bonus on deposit of £20 – £100 – code (THANKS3)

Sun 27th Nov – 1 x 90% bonus on deposit of £10 or 1 x 95% bonus on deposit of £20 – £100 – code (THANKS4)

Mon 28th Nov – 1 x 90% bonus on deposit of £10 or 1 x 95% bonus on deposit of £20 – £100 – code (THANKS5)

Join the Mini Cooper Club on Wink Bingo

There are already three lucky ladies in the mini cooper club at Wink Bingo and they are now looking for a forth member to join them.

Up for grabs for the 4th year running is a brand new mini cooper 1.6 car at Wink Bingo and what is even more amazing about this offer is they are bringing you the chance to win this super prize effectively for free – yes free!

You have two ways in which to participate in the (win a mini cooper) car game which is set to take place on New Years Day @ 8pm.

You can log onto Wink Bingo as from now and pre-purchase your cards for this game at a cost of £5 each, or alternatively you could try and win some free cards by picking up mini points.

Each time you clock up 500 mini points, this will equal 1 free mini card for you and those all important points can be gained as follows.

Email win a picture of your old wheels (one entry per alias) and pick up an 100 mini points instantly

Go onto the wink facebook fan page and post on their wall why you should win a mini (not forgetting to put your wink username) – Get another 50 points instantly

look out for the special (mini pattern) playing in their 75 ball bingo rooms because every time you win bingo on this you will clock up – 5 points

Every £1 you wager in their 90 ball or 75 ball bingo rooms will give you – 1 point

Every £20 wager on instant / mini games will also give you – 1 point

So as you can see, you really could accumulate those mini points in no time at all on Wink Bingo and these could get you lots of free cards for this fabulous win a mini game.

Wink Bingo Halloween Jackpot

Once again Wink Bingo will host a £25K Joy Pot game. This time the game is scheduled to play on Sunday 30th October so players can gear for a spectacular Halloween jackpot game.

This time the Joy Pot is a 90 ball bingo game which means there are three chances to win a share of the £25,000 cash prize. Well, it’s Halloween and everything has a trick or treat flavour. The Wink Bingo Joy Pot game too has a hefty dose of Halloween fun because they’re not revealing what you can win for each line.

It just might be the traditional break up with the biggest share going to the full house winner or you might just scoop the biggest share on the very first line! The only way to find out is to play.

As with all the earlier Joy Pot games there are free tickets that you can earn. Play the online bingo games and the Instant Games across the Joy of Bingo sites and earn Pot Credits. Exchange 500 Pot Credits for one free ticket to the £25K Joy Pot game.

Make sure that you have the same email address for your accounts on Wink, Posh, Tasty, RedBus and on BingoStreet. That way all your Pot Credits can be merged and counted up together so you can get to 500 credits really fast.

All these actions will have the Pot Credits flowing in at warp speed. Score a bingo on the Pot of Gold pattern and get 5 credits. Wager £10 on the bingo games and get 2 credits. Every £50 wagered on the Instant Games will get you 1 credit.

There’s 1 credit to be earned for every bingo in the call number 25 too. Earn 20 credits in one shot by sending an email to Joy of Bingo relating your spookiest story. This action is once per alias.

Tickets for the Wink Bingo £25K Joy Pot game are also available for £2 each. Pre buy a stack of tickets to make sure you don’t miss out on the game. You can then go about earning free tickets at leisure.

The £25K Joy Pot game will play at 10pm on Sunday 30th October at Wink Bingo. Purchase tickets from Wink Bingo only.

In the days running up to this grand £25K jackpot game, there will special chat parties and promotions at all the sites. The fun begins at 8pm and carries on till midnight.

Log in to the Cheers room at Tasty Bingo and the Party Bus room at RedBus Bingo on Friday 28th October. There will be promotions through the weekend, in fact, with cash, bingo funds and fun prizes on offer.

The Cocktail room at Posh Bingo and The Strip at Wink Bingo will be the venue on Saturday 29th October while the Tuck Shop room will be the centre of activity at BingoStreet on Sunday 30th October.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement of a massive £25,000 cash jackpot this Halloween in the £25K Joy Pot game at Wink Bingo.